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There are about 1700 Indians resident in Azerbaijan. There are two Indian associations viz. India Azerbaijan Association (IAA) and Baku Malyalee Association (BMA) which are closely associated with the Embassy. Ambassador is the Patron of India Azerbaijan Association. All the Indian festivals and other cultural activities are organized by the Associations from time to time. A smaller number come for short term project work. A few former students are now engaged in commodities trading, catering and restaurant business while professionals are employed mainly with MNCs in oil and gas sectors. Most UAE based suppliers of oil/gas industry spares have Indian professionals on their roll. Some civil contracting firms have brought Indian construction workers from the Middle East for short-term jobs in Baku. The Indian Association of Azerbaijan is a registered body, which holds periodic social events to coincide with major Indian festivals and international events. The Indian community which is in the 4th/5th place in Azerbaijan, in terms of numerical strength, is very active both professionally and socially and has integrated well with the local population.