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Advisory to Indian Nationals: 23.06.2020

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Under the new quarantine regime announced on June 19, 2020 which will be effective from 00:00 (GMT+4) June 21 through 06:00 (GMT+4) July 5 in Azerbaijan’s Baku, Sumgayit, Ganja cities, Lankaran, Yevlakh, Masalli, Jalilabad and Absheron districts, the state Migration Service has announced the following modifications in its functioning and requirements:

  • The activity of regional migration departments located in the abovementioned territories will be limited; relevant documents will be received and issued through the ASAN Service Centers.

  • The submission of appropriate medical certificates when applying for permits for temporary and permanent residence (which is mandatory as a rule while receiving the permit certificates) is not required;

  • Assessment of the knowledge of foreigners for getting a permanent residence permit about their rights and obligations envisaged by the laws of the Azerbaijan Republic, as well as the state language, will be suspended

  • The extension of residence permits foreigners who have valid residence permits but have no reason to extend these permits, as well as of legal representatives (parents, etc.) of foreigners up to 16 years of age, should contact the Service in e-form in connection with the extension period of temporary stay;

  • Foreigners may send their proposals, statements and complaints regarding migration issues via https://www.migration.gov.az/contacts/letter.

  • The foreigners who wish to temporarily leave their place of residence during the above mentioned period must send an SMS to number 8103 to obtain permission. In this case, after figure 1 (2), respectively, and the abbreviations in accordance with the status of stay and residence in the country - OYQ (registration at the place of stay), MOM (duration of temporary stay), MYI (permit for temporary residence) or DYI (permit for permanent stay), the number of the relevant document is indicated and an SMS is sent to the number 8103. The process of taking permission is explained in the video instruction at the following link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ky3atuigS2I).

  • For extension of visa and to to obtain the number of relevant documents, foreigners may use the electronic service "Status of applications" (https://eservice.migration.gov.az/public/application-track) on the official website of the State Migration Service. In this case, it is important to enter the passport number, date of birth and information about citizenship. A foreigner may leave the place of residence and stay only after receiving a positive response.

  • While moving, the foreigners must have an identity document (passport or other document for crossing the border). However preference is to be given to the e-services (transition to e-services https://eservice.migration.gov.az/?lang=ru.

  • Moreover, the State Migration Service has announced that the stay in the country of foreigners whose temporary stay has already been extended by 60 days (by making payment of the corresponding state fee) is considered legal without additional appeal and payment of the state fee until the restrictions on movement applied at the state border are lifted.

  • For more information, please contact the Call Center (012) 919.