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The Consular Section of the Embassy issues a number of certificates and performs notarial duties by way of attesting documents.

They are as follows:

  • Certificates Issued by Embassy

  • Registration of child's birth Certificate

  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

  • Death Certificate

  • Attestation of copy of the current passport

Attestation of Documents which can be done at the Embassy

  • Certificates from India including educational degrees

  • Power of attorney

  • Power of attorney - Property matters

  • Affidavits / declarations

For any clarification or further information, please call or e-mail as per information in Contact us.

For Emergency Consular Services during holidays and non-office hours, please contact at +994 51 2071621 (There is an enhanced fee for emergency consular services)

General Guidelines

1. To apply for any attestation of certificate/documents, one has to approach the Consular Section with the certificates/documents along with the copy of the passport of the applicant.

2. For a child born in Azerbaijan to be registered as an Indian citizen, the application must be made within three months of the child's birth on the prescribed form. At least one of the child's parent's must be an Indian citizen at the time of applying. Along with the application please enclose passports of both parents and a notarized and translated in English if the original is in Azerbaijani/Russian language of birth certificate of the child. Photocopies of the birth certificate and of the first four and last two pages of the parent's passports are also required. You also need to submit an affidavit stating that your child has not acquired Azerbaijan nationality.

3. For Police Clearance Certificate you are required to submit your passport along with photocopy of the first four and last two pages of your passport and a declaration as per standard format. Applicants are requested to submit their application well in advance as it would be issued after receipt of fresh police verification from native place. The PCC would be sent electronically as well as through courier to the address of applicant."

4. To get any document attested by the Embassy, one needs to bring the document in original notarized and translated in English if the original is in Azerbaijani/Russian language] along with a photocopy, and valid passport. You will be required to sign the documents in the presence of Embassy officials at the service counter. Documents such as Marriage/Birth certificates which are in Azerbaijani/Russian language and issued by the concerned authorities, should be submitted along with a self-attested English translation for reference and record of the Embassy.

5. Educational degrees and other documents issued in India and presented at the Consular Section for attestations must have been first attested by the designated offices in State Government concerned (Home Department, General Administration) and counter attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, CPV Division, Patiala House Annexe, Tilak marg, New Delhi.

6. For attesting power of attorney, the person has to sign in the presence of the Consular Officer. A photocopy of the power of attorney along with two photos of the executants and photocopy of the passport may also be brought.

7. Please note that carrying and use of THURAYA and other such satellite phones are illegal in India.