About Us Indian Community in Azerbaijan.

Ministry of External Affairs

Azerbaijan State Migration Committee


Important Notice for Indian Nationals who are embarking on Baku, Azerbaijan.

All foreign citizens or stateless persons who arrive in Azerbaijan for more than 14 days, are required to be registered at the place of stay. The foreigner, within 14 days after arrival in the country, should apply via electronic services of the official website of the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan, e-government portal or e-mail (qeydiyyat@migration.gov.az) or in person to regional migration departments, or "ASAN Service" centers.

Required Documents:

-   Application Form;

-   Copy of the passport (other border crossing documents) of the foreign (including the visa pages, indicating the last entry to the country).

No state fee is charged for registration of foreigners and stateless persons upon the play of stay.


This is to notify to all Indians living in Azerbaijan that Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi has extended financial assistance to Indian living abroad in deserving cases such as stranded Indian workers, deserted women, Indian nationals in jails, airlifting of mortal remains to India or local cremation/burial of deceased Indians, emergency medical care, boarding and lodging for distressed overseas Indian workers in households/domestic sectors and unskilled laborers, providing initial legal assistance in deserving cases. 

Indian Community in Azerbaijan

The Indian community in Azerbaijan comprises of about 1457 persons, including professionals employed with international companies in the oil and gas sectors, businessmen engaged in commodities trading, catering and restaurant business, construction workers on short-term contracts and students. There are four Indian  associations,  viz.,  Indian  Association  Azerbaijan  (IAA),  Baku  Malyalee  Association (BMA), Baku Tamil Sangam (BTS) and Azerbaijan Telugu Association (ATA) and one student association (ISAA) which work in close association with the Embassy of India in Baku. They regularly hold social events to celebrate major Indian festivals and events. The Indian community which is in the 4th/5th place in Azerbaijan, in terms of numerical strength, is very active both professionally and socially and has integrated well with the local population.There are around 415 Indian students studying in different universities in Azerbaijan including Azerbaijan medical university (AMU: 217).

Contact detail of the Indian Associations:

Indian Association Azerbaijan (IAA)

Mr. Sobi T Abraham-President
Mob/Wa: +994-502053541
Email: presidentofIAA@gmail.com 

Mr. Jacob Mathew-General Secretary
Mob/Wa: +994-502705743
Email : secretaryindiaasociation@gmail.com 

Baku  Malyalee  Association (BMA)

Mr. Praveen Kumar
President BMA
Mob. No. +994 50 270 31 06
email : bakubma@gmail.com 

Mr. Nikhilesh Komban
Secretary BMA
Mob. No. +994 50 707 38 32
email: bakubma@gmail.com 


Baku Tamil Sangam (BTS)

1. Mr Babu Sahib - President of BTS

Mobile: +994503656424

2. Mr. Mahadevan Marthanda Pillai

 -Vice President of BTS

email: bakutamilsangam@gmail.com 


Azerbaijan Telugu Association(ATA)

President: Mr. Rambabu Seeli,+994-502807689
Secretary: Mr. Syad Siddiq, +994- 508991451
E-mail: atainbaku@gmail.com 


  Indian Student Association Azerbaijan (ISAA)

PRESIDENT              - Muhammed  Saalim .
( Contact no- 994 773257932 ) .
VICE - PRESIDENT  - Vismaya Victoria Win 
( Contact no- 994 55920 8678 ) .
SECRETARY             -Naba Urooj
( Contact no- 994 515756439 ).