About Us Advisories



1.  Indian nationals visiting Azerbaijan and intending to stay for more than 15 days continuously are required to register themselves with the State Migration Services of the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan Online on following links or through Mobile application MigAz


2. Indian nationals who receive Job Offer letter from any private company of Azerbaijan are requested to send a scan copy of Job offer letter to Embassy's official email ID for verification at our end, before proceeding to join the job offer. 

 3. Indian nationals are requested to refrain from carrying metal acupressure items, nuckle,  knief etc to Azerbaijan.

 4. Indian nationals intending to visit Azerbaijan are requested to carry copy of Medical Insurance papers on their travel.

5. Indian students taking admission in Azerbaijani universities are advised to purchase health insurance cover

6. Passengers over 18 years old should have a COVID-passport (an official certificate confirming the completion of the full course of vaccination, or official certificate of recovery from COVID-19) or certificate of contraindication to COVID-19 vaccination. COVID-passport, immune certificate or certificate of contraindication to Covid-19 vaccination must have electronic verification attributes (QR code) and must be issued by the Government and must be valid on the departure date. These documents will be checked during check-in at the airport.