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Indian Prime Minister unveiled the logo, theme and website of India’s G20 Presidency

Posted on: November 08, 2022 | Back | Print

Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi unveiled the Logo, Theme and Website of India’s G20 Presidency on 08th November 2022.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister remarked that from 1st December 2022, India will preside over the G-20 Summit and said that it is a historic opportunity for the country. The Prime Minister said that G-20 is the premier forum for international economic cooperation representing around 85% of the global GDP, over 75% of the worldwide trade, and about two-thirds of the world population.

Highlighting the contributions of the citizens in the launch of the G-20 logo, the Prime Minister said that the government received thousands of creative ideas for the logo. The Prime Minister thanked everyone for their support and said that these suggestions are becoming the face of the global event. Remarking that the G-20 logo is not just any logo, the Prime Minister said that it is a message, a feeling that runs in India’s veins. He further added that the thought of universal brotherhood is being reflected via the G-20 logo.

The Prime Minister said that many of India’s achievements can be used by other countries of the world. The use of digital technology in development, inclusion, removal of corruption, improving ease of doing business and ease of living, can be templates for many countries. The Prime Minister also highlighted that India’s women empowerment and women-led development and financial inclusion will reach the world through the opportunity of the G-20 presidency.

He elaborated that India maintains close relations with developed countries on the one hand, and at the same time understands and expresses the views of developing countries very well. “It is on this basis that we will build the blueprint of our G-20 Presidency together with all the friends of the 'Global South' who have been India's co-travellers on the path of development for decades” he added. The Prime Minister highlighted India’s endeavour that there should be no first world or third world in the world, but only one world.

The theme of India’s G20 Presidency is "One Earth, One Family, One Future. The logo and the theme together convey a powerful message of India’s G20 Presidency, which is of striving for just and equitable growth for all in the world, as we navigate through these turbulent times, in a sustainable, holistic, responsible, and inclusive manner. They represent a uniquely Indian approach to its G20 Presidency, of living in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem.

The G20 Presidency offers a unique opportunity to India to contribute to the global agenda on pressing issues of international importance. During the course of its G20 Presidency, India will be holding about 200 meetings in 32 different sectors in multiple locations across India. The G20 Summit to be held next year, would be one of the highest profile international gatherings to be hosted by India.

G-20 India website can be accessed at https://www.g20.in/en/ The website will seamlessly migrate to the G20 Presidency website www.g20.org  on 1 December 2022, the day India takes over the G20 Presidency. In addition, a mobile app "G20 India" has been released on both Android and iOS platforms.

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